November 17, 2003

Mr. Jordan D. Lewis
3707 33rd Place, NW
Washington, DC 20008

Dear Jordan:

Your two keynote presentations for the Sourcing Interests Group in recent years were very helpful to delegates, received high ratings, and accomplished our goal of providing a high-impact launch of these events. Frankly, I would have been surprised if the results were otherwise, as you were so highly recommended by some of our representatives who had heard you speak in their positions within Fortune 100 member companies.

With the Sourcing Interests Group’s focus on outsourcing relationships and buyer/supplier relationships, your “words of wisdom” for building and sustaining trust, and for creating and leveraging alliances were right on target.

Jordan, we wish you the best of continued success.

With personal regards,

Barry A. Wiegler

Barry A. Wiegler

Founder and CEO