If you want to learn about skiing, talk to Jean-Claude Killey, for soccer Pele, for basketball Michael Jordan.   If you want to know about alliances, talk to Jordan Lewis.
           Noel Capon, Kopf Professor of International Marketing;
Chair, Marketing Department, Columbia Business School

Dr. Jordan D. Lewis is an authority on alliances, partnering, and coalitions.  He has taught physics at Michigan and business at Wharton, and is a Fellow of the World Economic Forum.  He has been involved in an array of business ventures, served on the boards of major charities, and keynoted major events for leading firms, worldwide.

Lewis is currently a visiting scholar at the University of California.  By integrating his foundation in science and his knowledge of intergroup relations with all disciplines germane to human conduct, he is painting a more robust picture of nations than now exists.  His scope includes cognitive neuroscience, social psychology, behavioral macroeconomics and political processes; the effectiveness of law, education, and other leading institutions; and ethnic, religious, political, and economic conflict and polarization.


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