"...a straight-forward look at how to develop winning partnerships.  It gives managers hands-on advice for building effective alliances based on trust."

Kenneth I. Chenault, chairman and CEO, American Express 



"Meticulously dissects customer- supplier alliances to reveal what makes the best ones tick."

 Wall Street Journal


"Extremely useful...a thinking manager's guide to alliances."

Financial Times


Trusted Partners:    How Companies Build Mutual Trust and Win Together

by Jordan D. Lewis


Major Coverage

Harvard Business Review:  "A broad guide to establishing and maintaining effective alliances."

Business Week: Seven city book tour across Asia.

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor: "Out of the dozens of new books about alliances... only one stands out:  Jordan D. Lewis’s Trusted Partners."

Soundview Executive Book Summaries:  "Solid advice on how to develop, improve, or repair trust in every aspect of your business alliances."

Amazon.com:  "A clear-eyed step-by-step primer on trust—imbedded, nurtured, and reinforced in corporate practice—especially as it relates to making the most of alliances with other firms.

Bookpage:  "There is enough carefully crafted advice here to make Trusted Partners a lasting resource for companies of all sizes."

Velocity: "An exceedingly helpful, example-filled and carefully considered exploration of what makes some alliances successful and others not."

Business Reader Review:  "Describes how to partner with customers, rivals, and internal groups, and for good measure, has a 100-page section of tools to help along the way."

Design Management Journal:  "Details how partners can establish and maintain trust... Applies to alliances, mergers and acquisitions, and relationships within companies.  Tremendously helpful..."

Booklist:  "Lays out the eight conditions that enable greater trust ...identifies tools for building trust and advises how to repair broken trust.

New York Law Journal:  "A comprehensive roadmap to forging successful business relationships. Demonstrates with convincing examples how to make trust work for any organization."

Other Coverage

Voice of America:  Radio interview broadcast worldwide in 53 languages

Investors Business Daily:  Feature of page one column, "News for You."

The Daily Deal: Excerpt of chapter "Building Trust in M&A"

Directorship:  "Trusting Companies Produce More Shareholder Value"—article based on book

Bloomberg:  TV taping for Bloomberg terminals, and sent out on the Bloomberg wire

Business Talk Radio:  Interview based on book, broadcast to 50 major metropolitan areas

Executive Excellence:  Highlight on book

Executive Bookshelf:  Favorable review syndicated to numerous business journals

Across the Board:  Highly favorable review

Executive Magazine:  Author interview

Director’s Monthly:  "Alliance Governance"—article based on book

The Docket:  Highly favorable review

Catalyst:  Highly favorable article based on book

Hewitt Magazine:  Lengthy interview based on book.

Management Place (France):  If you want to know about alliances, talk to Jordan Lewis.